Diary of a Newbie Runner: Why Do We Call it Our ‘Walk’ With Christ??

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Best Pumpkin Bread: Holiday Flavor Without the Guilt

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Diary of a Newbie Runner: Thanksgiving Hangover

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Discover Your Inner Gym Rat (Or, Strength Training 101)

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Tips for Traveling Healthy {Part 2}

{By Samantha Roose} Waiting in line for dinner, I suddenly panic as I approach the front of the line.  What am I going to eat.  I’m starving.  Breakfast was cereal and biscuits—the only… Continue reading

Tips For Traveling Healthy {Part 1}

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Diary of a Newbie Runner: How to Deal With Boring Runs [And Dead Frogs]

{By Ellery Sadler} For me, running is a love-hate relationship with an emphasis on the hate. Not because I’m un-athletic, or lazy (far from it: I am an Amazon woman and Amazon women… Continue reading

Hey Runner Girl…

It happens. Monday comes around. And with it a whole new week of exercising or training, if you have a race looming large on the horizon. So if you are weary of your… Continue reading

Talks with Taylor: My Running Shoes Story

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My Favorite Interval Run (And Why It Should Be Yours Too)

{By Samantha Roose} Let me introduce you to my good friend, Sprint8. Sprint8 is my favorite interval workout.  This routine was designed by an athlete (surprise, surprise), while attempting to re-create the anabolic… Continue reading