Makeovers That Count

{By Rebecca Florio} I spent Thursday in my pajamas. All day long. I wore them while jump roping, grunting, and sweating in the basement at seven am. I then took a shower and… Continue reading

Healthy Desserts: Black Bean Brownies

{By Samantha Roose} A healthy but delicious alternative to your typical boxed brownie mix, these brownies will satisfy your craving for rich, dark, chocolatey heaven. Enjoy this great recipe! (A special thanks to Chocolate… Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy During the Summer

{By Ellery Sadler} Amidst the ice cream, hot dogs, cook-outs, picnics, and parties, it is hard to eat well during the summer. I mean, who wants to refuse the chips and baked beans?… Continue reading

Life in This Fight

{By Rebecca Florio} The other day, a friend asked me what prompted my desire to work with eating disorders as a Dietitian. I paused a moment before answering. Before telling the truth. I… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: No Man is an Island …

{By Ellery Sadler} Everyone needs a companion, someone to share experiences with, to do things with, to be with. As the saying goes ‘No man is an island.’ But after trying to run… Continue reading


{By Rebecca Florio} I am a creature of (strange) habit. Every night, before I go to bed I set the alarm on my phone. Every morning I wake up before the alarm goes off because… Continue reading


{By Samantha Roose} I used to be the baker, bookworm princess to whom discomfort equaled pain.  Then I decided to train for a Triathlon.  Endurance.  Discomfort.  Tears.  Those three words pretty much summed… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: Restarting My Running Life … for like the 5th time

{By Ellery Sadler} Ok, I did it. I finished Insanity. And it was amazing. I totally recommend you try it. But of course, when I stopped that, I had to start running again.… Continue reading

Christians and Competition Part 1

{By Taylor Eckel} My first collegiate soccer game will forever live in infamy. My small college’s team was woefully inexperienced, and we were being dominated by our opponent’s second-string players. Our regular goalkeeper… Continue reading

Mindful Eating Part II: Hunger Cues

{by Rebecca Florio} We eat for a number of reasons – we are at a party with tables of foods, we come home to the smell of brownies in the oven, we need… Continue reading