Diary of a Newbie Runner: It Used To Be Torture

{by Ellery Sadler} I’m scared of long runs. They scare me because they are long. And the farther you go the farther you have to come back. My sisters tell me that everyone… Continue reading

Food in Season: Five Ways with Butternut Squash

{by Rebecca Florio}One of my favorite things about living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the abundance of farm stands that dot the windy roads through miles of cornfields and silos. I look for… Continue reading

Running: Just Start

{Samantha Roose} I can’t believe that just 4 years ago I couldn’t even run once around the track (once around the track is about a quarter of a mile)!  Literally, I would barely… Continue reading

5 Tips When "Sports Shopping"

{by Natalie Torbert} Sports Shopping, or trying tons of different sports and praying that one will fit, can be a frustrating but rewarding process. It can take years to find your perfect sport,… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: New Shoes and Mystic M&Ms

{by Ellery Sadler} I have to confess, I fell in love on Sunday, September 18, 2011. Dark, mysterious, new, and intriguing – love at first sight.  No it wasn’t a guy. It was… Continue reading

Super Bowl Predictions!

{by Logan O’Bier}Although she has many other hobbies and interests [such as quilting and photography] Logan is one of my best football-fan-friends, [ever since we were little I’ve been impressed with her knowledge… Continue reading

Run Long (And Love It!)

{by Rebecca Florio} On September 10, I crossed the finish line of my first half-marathon. Even though I had trained for this moment all summer long, I could hardly believe it had come.… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: Run Like a Snake is Chasing You… Because One Just Might Be

{By Ellery Sadler} I was in pain. Serious pain. Like knife-stabbing-into-my-side kind of pain; the pain that usually grips my side sometime during my runs. But I, like the amazing Amazon girl that… Continue reading

Medications + Makeup + Me

{by Caitlin Muir} Caitlin is a talented blogger, novelist, and singles columnist, an avid adventure-seeker, and lover of Jesus and her ruby red mustang convertible. She is also a soon-to-be fashion writer for… Continue reading

Healthy Living… Journey of Grace

{by Rebecca Florio} Hello, InsideOut readers! I am so excited to be a part of this new community of Christian girls and get to know you all. I am also absolutely thrilled to… Continue reading