Diary of a Newbie Runner: Life of Leisure Gone Awry

{By Ellery Sadler} I never thought of myself as a devoted runner, or a very willing one. I always ran because it was something I just did. People in my family run, and… Continue reading

Healthy Snacking!

{By Samantha Roose} You wander around the kitchen wondering what you should eat…Your tummy’s rumbling.  And the next meal isn’t for another 2 hours!  What is healthy, enjoyable and will get me to… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: Crazy Resolutions and Lost in a Strange City

{by Ellery Sadler} Smart people stick to conservative New Year’s resolutions, ones they know they can keep, or refuse to make them at all. Me? I like to go for the daring, the… Continue reading

Girl with a Gun: A Challenge from Regis Giles

{by REGIS GILES} Described as a “loud mouth, young conservative focused on promoting self-defense and hunting,” in the bio on her website titled, “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns“, Regis Giles is passionate about protecting… Continue reading

How to Eat Through the Holidays… Healthfully!

{by Rebecca Florio}It’s that most wonderful time of year! A time where everywhere you go, you are met with chocolate bon-bons, candy canes and tin upon tin of Christmas cookies. What’s a healthy… Continue reading

Diary of a Newbie Runner: A 10K Worth Dying For… Or, 6 Miles of Scenic Misery

{by Ellery Sadler} I just ran a 10k. Yes, much to my great surprise, I am still alive. I now have an even greater respect, bordering on hero-worship, of anyone who runs 6… Continue reading

Beauty From the Inside Out

{by Kelly Riddell} Howdy and warm greetings to all of you from the wonderful state of Texas!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to write a guest post on this new encouraging… Continue reading

Swap in Some Healthy

{by Rebecca Florio} When I first became more health-conscious and making changes to my diet, I assumed that my dessert days were over. It is a common belief that eating healthy means, “dieting”… Continue reading

One Thing Every Girl Needs to Know

{by Natalie Torbert} There are a few things that I feel strongly about: some aspects of politics, my Redskins, and self-defense. Many of my soapbox speeches tend to revolve around the fact that… Continue reading

How You Break the Fast

{Samantha Roose} I can’t stop thinking about how it will be.  In the morning when I get up and in the evening when I go to bed I imagine how I will feel. … Continue reading