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3 Core Blasting Workouts for Any Body

{By Samantha Roose} I have never particularly enjoyed ab exercises. So recently I have been on a quest to create core workouts that I enjoy, that my clients enjoy, and that produce results.… Continue reading

Dear Busy People … Here’s How to Do Lunch Right

{By Taylor Cartee} Dear Busy People…. it’s lunchtime. What are you going to do? Will you eat a highly processed “healthy” granola bar because it’s cheaper than eating lunch out? Or maybe you’re home,… Continue reading

The Online Image

{By Taylor Eckel} Lately I’ve taken to perusing Pinterest, Instagram, and a variety of fitness websites as a way to broaden my workout repertoire. In addition to a plethora of motivational graphics, I’ve… Continue reading

Makeovers That Count

{By Rebecca Florio} I spent Thursday in my pajamas. All day long. I wore them while jump roping, grunting, and sweating in the basement at seven am. I then took a shower and… Continue reading