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Why Strengthening Your Shoulders Matters (And How to Do it)

{By Taylor Cartee} The four muscles of the rotator cuff are arguably the most important muscles in your shoulder, yet they’re frequently overlooked in strength training programs. The rotator cuff is comprised of… Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday: What You Need to Make for the Big Game

{By Carolyn Barber} Let’s get this straight right now: I am not the kind of girl who gets excited about Super Bowl Sunday for the “Puppy Bowl.” Puppies are adorable, but no. I’m… Continue reading

Christians and Competition Part 1

{By Taylor Eckel} My first collegiate soccer game will forever live in infamy. My small college’s team was woefully inexperienced, and we were being dominated by our opponent’s second-string players. Our regular goalkeeper… Continue reading

Meet Taylor: New Health/Sports Columnist

{By Taylor Eckel} Now, exercise and fresh air. Great cures for anything they say.” “Taylor, that’s so you!” exclaimed my good friend and running buddy when Mrs. Fairfax gave Jane that advice. We… Continue reading

Girl with a Gun: A Challenge from Regis Giles

{by REGIS GILES} Described as a “loud mouth, young conservative focused on promoting self-defense and hunting,” in the bio on her website titled, “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns“, Regis Giles is passionate about protecting… Continue reading

One Thing Every Girl Needs to Know

{by Natalie Torbert} There are a few things that I feel strongly about: some aspects of politics, my Redskins, and self-defense. Many of my soapbox speeches tend to revolve around the fact that… Continue reading

5 Tips When "Sports Shopping"

{by Natalie Torbert} Sports Shopping, or trying tons of different sports and praying that one will fit, can be a frustrating but rewarding process. It can take years to find your perfect sport,… Continue reading

Super Bowl Predictions!

{by Logan O’Bier}Although she has many other hobbies and interests [such as quilting and photography] Logan is one of my best football-fan-friends, [ever since we were little I’ve been impressed with her knowledge… Continue reading

Unbeing Dead Isnt Being Alive: InsideOut Health & Sports

{by Hailey Sadler & InsideOut Team} Something inspiring would be a very nice way to start this blog. Something to convince you that healthy living is a vital commitment, which you ought to… Continue reading