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Of Sex, Gluttony, and Scripture

{By Taylor Cartee} I have the good fortune of having a gym buddy who is much stronger and leaner than I am, and always willing to encourage and help me reach my fitness… Continue reading

What A Serious Case of Cabin Fever Taught Me

{By Lindsay Chilton} Henry David Thoreau was famous for living in solitude, away from everyone, and also loved winter. After being snowed in on and off for weeks on end I’ve come to… Continue reading

3 Holiday Workouts Under 20 Minutes

{By Taylor Cartee} It always seems that the five or six weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are the busiest, most dessert-filled weeks of the year. Whether you’re traveling or hosting, it… Continue reading

Chocolate Heaven: Two Recipes You Can’t Live Without

{By Samantha Roose} When looking for something sweet to eat, you can take two routes. One is sweet and still healthy: Wendy’s Frosty is the perfect fit. One is just sweet, chocolatey heaven.… Continue reading

Motivation For the Uninspired: 5 Quotes to Change Your Perspective

{Ellery Sadler} DO IT ANYWAY. The end. Just kidding. Lately I’ve just been feeling uninspired. Weights are heavy. Runs are boring. My knees hurt. Sweat is just plain … sweaty. But like Taylor… Continue reading

5 Fabulous Apps for Overall Health

{By Ellery Sadler} This article is for the technologically savvy (just kidding, apps are like the best, easiest thing in the technological world). This article is really for anyone wanting to live better… Continue reading

Calling all Readers: InsideOut Survey

{By Taylor Eckel and the InsideOut Team} We’d like to hear from YOU. Whether you love yoga, running, sports or are new to the whole idea of healthy food and inside-out living, we… Continue reading

Life in This Fight

{By Rebecca Florio} The other day, a friend asked me what prompted my desire to work with eating disorders as a Dietitian. I paused a moment before answering. Before telling the truth. I… Continue reading

Christians and Competition Part 1

{By Taylor Eckel} My first collegiate soccer game will forever live in infamy. My small college’s team was woefully inexperienced, and we were being dominated by our opponent’s second-string players. Our regular goalkeeper… Continue reading

Meet Taylor: New Health/Sports Columnist

{By Taylor Eckel} Now, exercise and fresh air. Great cures for anything they say.” “Taylor, that’s so you!” exclaimed my good friend and running buddy when Mrs. Fairfax gave Jane that advice. We… Continue reading