How to Run Well on Vacation

{By Samantha Roose}

Mix up your running routine with some strength training for a challenging vacation workout.

Whenever I go on a trip anywhere: vacation, business, resort, city, neighborhood – inevitably, one of my first questions is always: where should I run tomorrow morning? True, I love running. But that’s not the point enjoying and experiencing my new surroundings is the point. I just happen to love doing so by running through new territory.

running routines for vacation

Recently, my family and I visited my Grandmother in Cocoa Beach. Without question I went running on the beach – barefoot with the waves splashing my legs and feet! My 13-year-old brother decided to join me. While he is incredibly strong and athletic, running isn’t his thing. His cardio tends to be swimming and sparring. So, I was trying to come up with a workout that he would enjoy (he LOVES lifting weights) and that would accomplish my goals of cardio (ideally running 3 miles).

The basic idea was to run for five minutes and then do a strength set (please keep in mind that the strength exercises were designed to be done on the beach). The result?

A challenging workout pattern that I fell in love with:

5 minute run


3 sets of:

10   push up jacks

10   in and outs

5 minute run

3 sets of:
10  tricep push ups

10  lunges on each leg

5 minute run

3 sets of:

10 push ups

10 mountain climbers

5 minute run

3 sets of:

10  shoulder push ups

20  squats


There’s a couple of ways you could do this:

  • After completing half the workout turn around and work your way back with the second half.
  • Do the whole thing twice, once on your way out and repeat it on your way back for a total of 40min running, 240 pushups, 90 core exercises, and 120 leg exercises.
  • Feel free to mix and match. Maybe you even want to use the basic pattern but put in your own strength exercises. You could even do this in a gym on a treadmill and in the weight area. Have fun and make it your own!