7 Ways to Enjoy the Spring Even if Your Allergies are Slowly Trying to Murder You

{By Lindsay Chilton}

Spring is my favorite season because all of the bright colors return, and the air starts to get warmer, and life seems to wake up again.

However, those bright colors are filled with pollen, and the warm air is filled with pollen. And when life wakes up it takes a big refreshing breath and instantly sneezes because it just snorted pollen.

7 ways to enjoy the spring even if you have allergies


For weeks after, you sit indoors and buy bulk in Zyrtec and tissues and contemplate why you were even excited for spring because all it has offered you is a nose that refuses to breathe any air and eyes that think their only job is to imitate sandpaper.

So, for those of us that are trying to remember what exactly is so great about spring, I’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy spring even if you have to take two Benadryl just to do it.

1. There are daffodils and flowers everywhere.

Okay, so they might make you stuffy but they’re so pretty you might be able to forgive them. If not, you can always google a picture of a daffodil to look at. Still pretty and no pollen.

2. Wardrobe Options

You get to wear your winter clothes AND your summer clothes all in the course of one week! Spring weather is all over the map which means it could be 45 degrees one day, and 85 degrees the next. This is great because you don’t have to put away your favorite riding boots yet AND you can wear that super cute sun dress that you’ve been dying to wear since January.

3. Leftover Easter candy.

One phrase: Peeps and Cadbury eggs are now on sale. Even people with horrible sinus issues can enjoy this part of spring.

4. Sun, finally.

We’ve been waiting for the sun to make reappearance since last summer and spring is the perfect time to grab your bathing suit that you haven’t donned since August and sit outside in the sun even if it’s only 50 degrees. After you’ve been in the sun for twenty minutes your new tan is sure to keep you warm.

5. April showers.

Rain storms in April are great because they temporarily wash all of the pollen away and allergens can breathe for at least 5 minutes outside after a storm.

6. Baby animals.

Stepping outside is like stepping into a Disney movie with all of the baby birds chirping, the bunnies hopping, and the butterflies everywhere. You can even pretend you’re a Disney princess. It’s a win/win situation.

7. Spring cleaning.

It’s not an outdoor activity so you don’t need to worry about as much pollen and, after being trapped in your house because of the cold for four months, you’ve probably accumulated more junk than you thought you had so this is the perfect time to get rid of it and de-clutter.