What A Serious Case of Cabin Fever Taught Me

{By Lindsay Chilton}

Henry David Thoreau was famous for living in solitude, away from everyone, and also loved winter.

After being snowed in on and off for weeks on end I’ve come to the conclusion that he was either insane or lying about enjoying being alone for so long.

At first the snow was pretty and a nice change of pace. For about two days. Now, the Elsa jokes have been made, we’ve all made snowmen and instagrammed the perfect snowy sunrise and now it can melt and we can all go on with our lives. Except the snow seems to have taken a liking to the East Coast and is thinking of building a summer home here.

The snow has ceased to be charming and is now the relative that has over stayed their welcome.

living in the present, slowing down, snow

It’s an inconvenience, it ruins our plans, and I’m tired of looking like Randy from “A Christmas Story” every time I step outside. But the snow has caused me to slow down. Way down. It’s caused me to stop almost completely.

With classes, spring sports, and various activities my word of the month became “busy”. All of a sudden I found myself with little to no time and I seemed to always be going somewhere or catching up on schoolwork or cleaning the fish tank, or working on a costume, or getting fingerprinted, or going to the doctor’s office. All of these things had to be done and they were my top priority.

God has a sense of humor when He knows that we’re not making Him our top priority and sent me three weeks of snow to draw my attention back to Him. (But please don’t blame me for all of the snow). All of a sudden all of my classes were canceled, I couldn’t get anywhere, and I was stuck inside. At first I twiddled my thumbs and tried to find something fun or productive to do. After about five days I was succumbing to cabin fever and decided to take a walk and after wrestling on about seven different coats I grabbed my boots and headed outside.

The first thought that struck me was that our Lord is the ultimate artist.

Everything looked so pristine, calm, and beautiful. The second thought was one that I think He’s been trying to communicate to me for some time and I just wasn’t receptive.

Be present.

I’ve been looking forward to my future and constantly planning for so long now that I’ve forgotten the present. I had also been so busy wishing for sunshine and warmer weather that I had forgotten to look around and revel in the beauty of the winter too. Now, it’d be incredibly foolish to never plan for the future so don’t think that I’ve just given you permission to not study for finals or to do something insanely stupid. However, I am giving you permission to plan for the future but not constantly fret and waste time over it. God has it under control. He’s given you one life and I believe that we should be constantly living in the present and working to further His Kingdom. We can’t accomplish this if we’re always worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Today, instead of cursing the snow and making plans to move to somewhere where they don’t even know what snow is, take a moment to go outside and thank the Lord for forcing you to stop and focus on Him.

Even if it took an entire snowstorm from Siberia to get you too.

What forces you to slow down & focus on God? Comment below!