How Running Through the Seasons Changed My Perspective

{By Samantha Roose}


One of my favorite things about exercising outside is watching the seasons change before my eyes. 

Yesterday, I ran through a giant’s tiara as crystal branches defied their lifeless state.  Today, straggly and leafless, the trees remind me of death.  Stepping out in a few days I know I will be greeted by tiny green shoots promising new life.

Mysteriously, they will unfurl and be joined with cheerful tweeting, evidence that sadness may last for a night, but joy does come in the morning.  Soon life will be undeniable as blossoms create a majestic robe whose equal could not be found in Solomon’s closet.  Animals enjoy the luxury as well, feasting and frolicking.  Without warning the vibrant green trees transform to flaming walls.  Slowly, a spark lets go and falls to ground.  It is not lonely long, however, and is soon joined by another and another.  Finally, the flames die away and all that is left are sticks in the sky.

Standing on a bridge, starring at the sticks in the sky, and mourning their lifeless state the Lord whispered, ” Just as creation has seasons, so does your life.”  My heart quickened.  Currently, my life felt lifeless, but it would not be that way forever. During the winter, when everything appears dead, life is being prepared. Then it erupts.

Sometimes, life feels lifeless, but running outside reminds me that death is not altogether ugly or forever. Every season has beauty of its own: birds tweeting and tiny green buds in the spring;  summer’s brilliant colors and beckoning scenery; and the fury of autumn heralding it’s soon to come ending; glistening branches in winter and hope for new life.

The winters of my life seem the longest. To survive I have to bundle myself in God, trusting that He is somewhere in the sleeping frozen glitter. Then the spring creeps upon me.  Every word I hear, or book I read seems to be God speaking to my heart.  My summers are intense, full of more opportunities than I can imagine.  Sweating profusely, I see the Lord’s hand at work through me as I serve and love and put to use all the knowledge I gathered during my winter.  Autumn comes, and I begin to feel worn out.  Passionately, I pour myself into each task the Lord has called me to, but I can feel my vibrance fading.

Before I know it, it’s winter again.  But, that’s the encouraging part!  If I’m in a spiritual winter, I know that if I keep on seeking God, just as I keep running and one day notice the first glimpses of spring, someday I will see spring in my life, too.

And spring is always followed by summer.