What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

  {By Ellery Sadler}

Stop whining about your first world problems and get out there and workout. PERIOD.

Ok, that would be a really short article. And not that helpful. So here are 5 ways to stay motivated and get your groove back.

1. Stop Complaining

 Seriously, just stop complaining about it. Think how blessed are we that we get to workout and that our lives are not so physically demanding that we actually need to. A lot of people don’t get that privilege. Negativity is not welcome in the gym. (Or living room or wherever you workout.)

2. Try Something New

 Monotonous workout routines get really boring. So mix it up. If you usually run (you’re amazing), try yoga or a weight program. If you usually just do yoga then get ready to sweat and try T25 or Insanity.

3. Change Your Attitude

Attitude is everything. Remember that your body is a temple and you are working out to take care of it and bring glory to your Creator. Exercising is about more than being skinny or being strong or looking good, it’s about taking care of yourself and using what God has given you. Gratitude changes your perspective.

4. Take a Break

 Sometimes you just need to take a break, and that’s ok. Don’t stress over it. It’s ok to occasionally skip a workout. Don’t let it ruin your day or make you feel bad about yourself. Just take a break and gear up for tomorrow.

5.  Reward Yourself with Something You Actually Care About

Be that a delicious homemade breakfast sandwich, a fresh smoothie, a movie night, or a relaxing hour by the fireside where you refuse to do anything but listen to your favorite music, give yourself a little reward.

6. Workout Like This 


or like they’re after you

workoutmotivation 2

Sometimes it can be hard to be motivated day in and day out, and that’s ok. Just remember that exercising is about more than just you and your body, it’s about gratitude and attitude.

So get out there and get to work.