How to Plan Weekly Workouts

{By Taylor Eckel}

Have you ever gotten ready for a workout, only to feel at a loss for what to do?

I definitely have. Over the past few months I’ve really refined my workout planning, and lately I’ve taken it the step further. At the encouragement of my favorite workout buddy (who is quite the gymrat and also happens to be my fiancé ;) ), I’ve started planning my workouts a week at a time.


Here’s how I do it.

1. Zoom Out

What else is competing for your time this week? What time of day do you prefer to workout? Decide what time you will workout each day. Although it’s best to do your strength training before aerobic activity, you can do them at two different times of day. (Note that you’ll always want to do ploymetrics before any other exercise, but after a brief warmup). For me, this means that several days a week, I squeeze in a run before work and hit the gym on the way back from work. On days that I work long hours, I might rest and just do abs and push-ups and a lot of stretching. Also make sure you’re not working the same muscle group on consecutive days.

2. Zoom In

Structure is the key to success. Plan to exercise antagonistic muscle groups on the same day (ex biceps and triceps), and think through the length of time you usually spend per muscle group. I know that my chest and back routine takes a lot longer than my arm workout, and the length of my leg workout is somewhere in the middle. So, I rarely plan to hit chest and back on leg day.

3. Write It Down

Having a written schedule gives you personal accountability. At the end of the day, I check off each part of the workout that I completed.

Need inspiration? Next time I’ll share how I group individual exercises to create a routine for each muscle group.


Comment below with your thoughts or questions.