Diary of a Newbie Runner: New Shoe Magic

{By Ellery Sadler}

I am in love.

running with new shoes

Ok you know what I don’t like?? The fact that I have been quasi running for like three years and am still new at it. I keep injuring myself so I have to start again and it’s like I’ve never run before every time I start. Maybe it’s just me, but after a while, it gets frustrating. Especially when you have friends and family that can do a quick six-minute mile without breaking a sweat. I can’t do that.

Anyway, I fell in love again. Waaait isn’t this supposed to only happen once? True love and all…? My first love – dark, mysterious, and intriguing – has been cast aside for a new love. (No, don’t worry, I wouldn’t treat a guy like that, this is just shoes.)

I got a new pair of shoes!! And I’m in love. From their beautiful blue laces to their bright yellow soles, I am head over heels (hahaha) in love.

Something about new shoes makes me feel amazing. I feel fast and strong, like an Amazon woman. I lace them up and am sure I will be able to run marathons with ease now, keep up with my fast friends, and generally impress myself and the world that stares in awe as I speed by.  Oooh how I love these shoes.  (And just for the record, black shoes make your feet look bigger than grey ones. Another reason I like my new shoes.)

So I head out to the treadmill, or torture-mill depending on the day and my mood, and turn my iPod on and start running. These shoes are much more comfortable than my old ones. They may not be sparkly, but they are definitely an improvement. I feel gooooood.

So I crank my music up and pretend I’m running on the beach in the sunshine with a cute puppy while watching a movie and eating chocolate with a pile of presents waiting for me at the end. Yep, I was in a good mood.

My music is so loud I can’t hear anything else. Thankfully the house wasn’t on fire or anything, because I would have been burnt to a crisp before I figured out what was going on. I ran a couple miles feeling fabulous and then hopped off. Yes, this new love of mine is amazing.

Of course, I still can’t run a six-minute mile or look cool while I’m running or run a half marathon without stopping like some people I know. New shoes don’t change everything.

But hey, they are cute, awesome shoes. And I am still upright at the end of a run.

Life is good.