Back on Track: 6 Ways to Stay Motivated This Fall

{By Ellery Sadler}

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So it’s fall again and school has started, but even with all our busy schedules it’s a good idea to keep working-out. It’s so easy to stay up late with friends watching movie or … I mean stay up late studying :P and get crazy busy and let the exercise slide. Or to just be bored with it. I mean, after a while, it does sort of seem like same old same old.

So here are several different ideas to keep you motivated.

1. New Music – I kind of always thought of music for when you’re running, but music is great for when you’re doing yoga or weight training or biking too. It’s always fun to make yourself a new playlist and crank it up. For yoga I like celtic or instrumental music, for everything else a good mix of rock, country, and crazy-ness is perfect.

2. New Workout Program – If you are looking for super intense, try Insanity. If you want intense with great results, but not too crazy, try P90X. If you want super fun, try Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. If you want relaxing and strengthening try yoga. And of course for you super amazing people, you can always run.

3. A Routine/List – Write down what you did each morning or evening (either on a paper calendar if you have one, or just on your computer), and keep track. Rate your workouts with a + or – and see how hard you can push yourself. It’s always fun to look back on a couple weeks of awesome + marks and remember how hard you worked.

4. Rewards – Give yourself rewards. For me, this is basically always food … ok, that doesn’t sound very good, but it’s the truth and since I try to be honest I’m just going to say it. I really enjoy a fabulous meal after a long run or hard workout. This is generally a goat cheese salad with fresh fruit and spinach, or an egg sandwich with sausage and American cheese on an english muffin (or better yet a cinnamon raisin bagel – sooo good) or M&M’s. Or anything sweet. Yum! But seriously, it is important to give yourself some reward for working out. Maybe it isn’t food, maybe you go to a movie or buy some new clothes or have coffee with a friend. Whatever it is, just remember it’s ok and important to reward your efforts.

5. Have Fun – Try something new. Join a gym if you want, try a dance class or dance-exercise video or buy some running shoes and hit the road. Don’t be afraid to try new music, new routines, new workouts. Have fun!

6. A Partner – Ok, this might be the best way to stay motivated: find yourself a workout partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run or workout together (although that can be great too). Find someone who can keep you accountable, give you new music when you need it, and make you feel fast even when you’re running speed is similar to a turtle at 3 o’clock in the morning who is still half asleep and partially inside his shell. Actually, even if your friend is fast and fit and super cool, it can still be really fun and encouraging to have someone as a partner. Either workout together, or go through the same program, or just keep up with each other and encourage each other.

Those are six ways I have found for staying motivated.  Enjoy trying something new this fall! 


Any tips? Anything you’ve found especially helpful for combating workout boredom?