Strength Training: A Workout for the Living Room

{By Samantha Roose}

strength training

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to workout, especially if you don’t have time to run over the gym because of a busy schedule. So here is a great workout that you can do anywhere, even in your living room :)

(Before you start you may want to fold a towel in half to give your back some extra cushion.)

30 crunches

10 pushups

30 reverse crunches

10 pushups

30 oblique exercises

10 pushups

20 rotating planks (two sets of 10 – 12 if I can)

30 tricep dips (2 sets of 15)

10 slow squats

20 R leg lunges

20 L leg lunges

10 squat pulse

10 squat pulse jump

15 squat jump

~gently stretch quads and hamstrings repeat entire sequence

30 back exercises

~stretch as long as you want

I like this workout because it take 30-50 min depending on how much time you take in between everything, but still gives you a pretty good cardio workout because of those squat jump combos. Remember to land softly when you are doing the squat jump combo (protect your knees and lower back) also focus on getting deep into that squat.

Enjoy and DO NOT forget to stretch!