Review: Insanity

{By Ellery Sadler}

I have tried P90X, I’ve tried running, and I’ve tried a variety of workout DVD’s, but I have never tried anything as intense as Insanity.

Insanity Workout

This no weights needed workout program is sure to have you dripping in sweat by the first five minutes. After that, all bets are off as to whether you survive.

We got Insanity for Christmas. 60 days of fabulous, motivating workouts ensued. Ok, so it wasn’t all perfect. The first day we tried it I felt totally sick afterwards and thought I was going to pass out. After that it didn’t get much easier … Let me me tell you, there is pain and sweat and effort involved. And victory. 

 The Motivator 

Shaun T (a professional dancer) becomes your personal trainer for 60 days. He is motivational and inspirational without being annoying or repetitive. I absolutely loved working out with him on the screen to cheer me on. He really makes it seem like you are right there with them and like it is worth it. (Which of course it is, sometimes it’s just hard to remember that when you are on the floor in a pool of sweat gasping for air.)

The Method

Shaun T’s method flips traditional interval training routine’s on its head. You do approximately three minutes giving your maximum effort, and then thirty seconds of rest. With ten different workouts you are constantly challenged and pushed to go farther and dig deeper. This method allows your body to burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and for you to get your best body  in 60 days. Amazing? Absolutely.

The Recommendation

If you are looking for a workout program with no equipment necessary but you, a mixture of cardio, aerobic, muscle building, and ab ripping, a lot of effort involved, a lot of fun and a free t-shirt at the end if you complete the program, then Insanity is for you. This is the best workout program I have ever tried. It is so intense, so much work, and so worth it.

Give it a try and see if you can survive. If you do, you’ll come out looking and feeling like a whole new person. Insanity has some serious success stories and some serious results. I highly recommend it.