How to Eat Healthy During the Summer

{By Ellery Sadler}

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Amidst the ice cream, hot dogs, cook-outs, picnics, and parties, it is hard to eat well during the summer.

I mean, who wants to refuse the chips and baked beans? Or the burgers? I’ve found that a great way to eat healthy during my favorite time of year, is snacking, lunch, and breakfasts. Most often, social gatherings are for dinner (and therefore dessert too) and lots of times on the weekends, so if you eat healthy during the rest of the day/week, you have a good start on being healthy. Here are a couple of my ideas.

 1. Breakfast

I love breakfast. But that usually includes cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, or waffles. So if you are trying to be healthy, what are some good alternatives?

> Fruit and yogurt parfaits are great, top with some granola and your on your way.

> Oatmeal. This is actually really good if you do a spoonful of greek yogurt and some berries on top.

> Omelet. If you don’t use too much cheese this can be a great way to get some veggies into your diet early on in the day. Use mushrooms, peppers, onions, even broccoli if you want.

 2. Snacks

The best thing to snack on during the summer is fruit. It’s refreshing, healthy, and very satisfying. Warm, ripe peaches, crisp watermelon, juicy pears – what could be better? (Well, a piece of chocolate cake, but that is beside the point. It was a rhetorical question.)

> Fruit. Try frozen grapes. These are a cold, tasty treat. Or get local produce at a farmer’s market and enjoy whatever is in season.

> Veggies and hummus. This is remarkably satisfying. Cut some carrots and cucumbers into thin pieces and just leave them in the fridge so you have a ready-made snack whenever you need one.

> Granola. Granola is healthy, filling, and very yummy. Try different kinds with orange zest and slivered almonds, or maybe maple  brown sugar with pecans, or try spicing it up with cinnamon and raisins.

 3. Lunch

Lunch is the perfect time to load up on healthy food. Salads, quinoa, fish, and sandwiches are delicious and can be quite good for you.

> Salads. Pile them high with fresh veggies, organic lettuce, and if you want something new, sprinkle some quinoa salad, chick peas or beans on top.

> Quinoa. This is one of the most versatile, healthy grains out there. Mix with veggies, or beans and corn with avocado for a Mexican flair, or use as an alternative to rice.

> Sandwiches. While bread isn’t the best for you, (you could do a lettuce wrap instead), sandwiches are a quick and easy lunch option that can also be healthy. Do cucumber salad, a piece of salmon, a black bean burger, or make it a veggie sandwich, which is almost as good for you as a salad.

 What are some of your ideas for staying healthy during the summer? Any tips?