Diary of a Newbie Runner: Restarting My Running Life … for like the 5th time

{By Ellery Sadler}


Ok, I did it. I finished Insanity. And it was amazing. I totally recommend you try it. But of course, when I stopped that, I had to start running again. :/ I thought I would take it easy to begin with, run for two minutes walk for one, or run for three minutes walk for one. That I can handle.

But then we went to South Carolina. And do you know what is in South Carolina? Beach.

And beaches have a strange way of making my family go a little bit crazy. We love the beach. I mean super love. It makes us HAPPY.

So, of course we have to run on the beach while we are there. My mom and sisters grab their shoes like its Christmas time and we have to run to get to the presents, while I silently wonder if anyone has ever heard of taking a break during vacation? Nope. No one has ever heard of that. So off I go, feeling rather brave and fit, after all what could be better than running on the beach with the ocean beside you and sand beneath your feet?

My sister, Hailey and I decided we would let my mom and other sister, Brittany, go on ahead. We decided to take things a little bit easier since neither of us had run in a while. So we start a nice, easy, comfortable sort of run, except for the fact that I have a miserable cramp in my side from eating a gigantic chocolate muffin for breakfast about fifteen minutes ago. I do not recommend eating chocolate muffins before running. I start panting and wishing that the sand wasn’t so squishy and that I had never seen a muffin in my life. So I stop for a quick walk break. Hailey gives me a smile. She doesn’t even have music and she isn’t tired. Yeah, some people are born like that.

After giving me a few minutes to (hopefully) let the cramp go away she has a brilliant idea.

“Let’s just sprint for a little and then walk, and then sprint again,” she says.

“Ok …”

She starts running, graceful, carefree. I sprint beside her, panting, music blaring, dodging dead jellyfish and sharp seashells and the occasional seagull that does not feel like flying right at the moment. Seagulls have a way of staring me down with those yellow eyes and big, sharp beaks. And they look a lot bigger on the ground than when they’re flying.

We sprint, and walk. And sprint again. Going between heaven and hell about every five minutes. And the beach is endless. And the sun is hot. And my sister is fast. And there are no Christmas presents at the end.

But I did make it all the way back without completely dying. And once again I have started running.

So whether you dodge jellyfish or cars or little dogs or dead frogs, remember it’s always important to get out there and get moving. (Doesn’t that sound like a nice, cheesy, feel-good ad?)

Just try not to get eaten by a seagull. And don’t eat chocolate muffins before you run. Ever.