Balance: The Importance of Keeping Your Priorities Straight

{By Samantha Roose}IMG_2344

Recently, I have been trying to learn the characteristic of balance.

I’m not a very balanced person.  I try to be. I like to think I am.  I want to be.  But it seems every time I turn around I am reminded that I am still not a very balanced person.  With my energy levels plummeting, a baby brother soon to be delivered, a very full schedule, and the new year, of course, I have been trying to get a grip for my sake and my family’s sake.

This is what I’ve learned so far:

Have your priorities numbered and written out.  Priorities being in the right order are very necessary but until I have written them out I have found them very hard to apply.  When I write them out I know the order I can do things in.  It’s fine to exercise and have coffee with friends as long as the top priorities are accomplished FIRST.  

Mom often reminds me that: it’s okay to do things you wouldn’t normally do, but you must remember that you are CHOOSEING to replace whatever you would normally be doing with not-so-normal activity.  By writing down your activities, and numbering them you give them a priority and you know what you can give up for a week and can’t.

Each person has different priorities.

Write them down. Number them. And stick to them.