Dare You To TRI

{By Samantha Roose}

triathlon necklace“I will finish.  I will not stop.  I’ve trained to long.  I can to all things through Christ who strengthens me,” I chanted to myself.

“The run is only three miles,” I encouraged myself, “and you already passed half-way.”

Searching for anything to keep me going, I fixed my gaze on the bouncing T-shirt in front of me.  “I dare you to TRI,” I read over and over again.  Finally, I saw my family and siblings.  They were waving a screaming.  Then I heard my name and time.  Suddenly, my summer of suffocating, waking with the birds, exercising for 2 hours every Saturday, swimming laps when I wanted to sunbathe, and the uncomfortable bike seat were forgotten as I crossed the finish line, received my medal, chugged a water bottle, and waited for my mom to finish.  Little did I know that my summer of 2008, the first time I ever exercised would forever change my life.

My mother had trained and completed a triathlon with her friend in 2007.  When the spring of 2008 came around my mom wanted to do another but her friend was unable to train with her.  I volunteered.  That summer I went from being unable to run around the track once to being able to run 2 ½ miles without stopping.  I have since completed a ½ marathon, 2 more triathlons, and run 5 miles on a weekly basis (when I’m not injured).

Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself, the baker, historian, and bookworm, becoming an athlete enthralled by whole body health and wellness.

And, it all started with a triathlon.

Why TRI?:

  • If you are a person who struggles with pain or injuries while exercising, triathlons would be a great sport for you simply because they mix up the impact and training.  My first year of training Mom and I would train each even once a week.  On Saturday we would double up: bike then run, or run then swim.
  • Triathlons train endurance.  There are many different lengths depending on your endurance level – Sprint Tri, International Tri, and of course the IronMan Tri.  Even within the Sprint Triathlons there are different lengths.
  • Not all triathlons are swim-bike-run, you can find some with kayaking, instead of swimming.
  • Because of the multiple events within a triathlon they not only train your endurance but they also give a more complete body workout.
  • They’re fun and exciting!

I was dared by a T-shirt to tri and I did.  Now I dare you to tri.

P.S. If you want to tri, but don’t know how to make yourself train sign yourself up for a race!  Set-Up events is where I register!