Diary of a Newbie Runner: Why Do We Call it Our ‘Walk’ With Christ??

{By Ellery Sadler}a walk with christ...

I have decided to become a newbie philosopher, as well as newbie runner.

This article is not going to be the kind that I normally write, which are about my trials, heartaches, and tribulations (also known as daily runs). Instead, I am going to philosophize about walking with Christ.

I was reading My Utmost for His Highest the other day about our walk with Christ, and suddenly it hit me. Why do we have to call it a walk with Christ? A ‘walk’ sounds so peaceful – grass and flowers, a gentle breeze, hand in hand with our Savior, chatting about our day as we comfortably stroll along … to me, that isn’t much like real life.

Real life is a run with Jesus. And runs are not peaceful, easy, painless affairs.

Living life as an inside-out Christian is hard. You have to live in a crazy, messed up world – which is like running on pavement. Eventually, your knees will start to hurt. And the people on the sidelines begin to laugh at you. They laugh because you have a strange gait. They laugh because you are running at all – and ‘cool’ people do not run. There might be a time where you wander off the path, tired of everyone making fun of you. That is one of the hardest things to bear, as a Christian in today’s world – being made fun of for being a Christian. Not feared or persecuted, but scorned.

Billboards scream at you. Drivers pass by in a blur. The people jostle you. Beggars and street venders vie for your attention. So you stop running. You are sick of running. Tired of chasing after Christ in this crazy way. You forget about it for a while, too busy with your new friends to care. But then you remember – you are supposed to be on a run with Jesus. So you jump up and run as fast as you can back to the road, trying to catch up. And there He is, waiting for you. So off you go again.

Now everything seems smooth, for a time. But then there is a bridge. And you have to cross the bride. You glance at Jesus and say “Really? Couldn’t we just go around the bridge?” But no, going around would take much, much longer and then we would be off track. So up the bridge you go. Knees hurting. Head pounding. Desperately wishing you could stop. Feeling like you are dying. Why would Jesus take you here? Why is it so hard? Why does He give you a life that has so many pains and problems? But you try to keep trusting Him.

Suddenly, up ahead, you see a finish line across the road up ahead. “Wait? This was a race?”

And then you faintly remember someone had told you that earlier, but you had just forgotten. And you desperately wish you had not wasted so much time back in the city.  You run with Jesus through the tape and cross the finish line to the glories of victory.

If you had run around the bridge, instead of across it, you would have missed the finish line.

Running with Christ involves pain, and stress, and injured knees, and scars, and music, and feeling like you are dying, and fear that you will fail. But beside you, always beside you, is your Companion, and He is a good runner. Way better than you are. And at the end is that glorious, thrilling experience of VICTORY!

Our run with Christ isn’t easy, but it is always rewarding, always worth it, always important.

Never forget that.