Tips For Traveling Healthy {Part 1}

{By Samantha Roose}

Once again I stare into my suitcase envisioning all of the unhealthy and processed food I will soon be forced to eat simply because there isn’t anything else…

Between being an athlete, homeschooled heath-nut, penny-pincher, wheat-intolerant individual,(I won’t die if I eat wheat, but I should stay away from it as much as I can), and a lover of travel, I have been forced to pack smart and comprimise.

Now, this wouldn’t be very hard except that there are three meals a day and, if you’re like me, a snack or two a day!

Here’s how I have learned to pack so that I can balance health, money, and traveling:

Give yourself options by packing some alternatives. Not only does packing alternatives allow you to have healthier options but it can save you quite a bit of money if you’re traveling on the road.

When it comes to carbs…

I always pack myself a package of wholegrain tortillas (whole wheat tortillas or you can also find Ezekiel tortillas which have less wheat in them because they use bean flour).  Also, in my suitcase you will always find wholegrain crackers.  I recently tried some rye crackers which provide a nice alternative to wheat.  Frequently, I will make myself my own instant oatmeal packages. 

Instant Oatmeal:

  • 1 C      Quick oats
  • 1 C      Oat ground in blender
  • Sweetener to taste
  • Optional Additions – cinnamon, protein powder (two in one!), you can even blend almond or maple extract with the 1 C of oatmeal.

Mix and put 2/3 C into ziplock bags.  Add ½-1C HOT water and let set for several minutes.

My favorite way to pack protein…

is the aluminum packages of salmon and tuna (you can also try cans of chicken, but those often need to be drained).  A jar of peanut butter is always a good idea (make sure it is NOT in your carry on if you are flying).  And, nuts.  Nuts are my hero!  Any type of nut.  Pre-measure single serving size bags for yourself.  A good measurement would be 1T-3T.  Now I know trailmix isn’t the healthiest option, especially when you happen to find chocolate chips in it, but it is one of my favorite snacks—I never fail to find some in my suitcase.

Look in my purse, my suitcase, my carry on, maybe even my dance bag and you will probably find a package or two of truvia.  I find, when I’m out and about I never know when I coffee break for tea stop might present itself.  If I always have truvia with me, I’m always prepared.  Truvia is a natural calorieless sugar substitute extracted from sugar alchohal.

Still, I have not found a successful way to transport raw fruits and vegetables… if you know of a way please post—please!  However, I love to pack fruit leathers (pureed and dehydrated fruit which I have found at Trader Joes)!

Finally, this is NOT the most healthy, most recommended, or most economic idea, but, I pack it anyways.  Protien Bars.  Luna are my favorite, but I try to get whichever bar has the LEAST amount of sugar and still looks appetizing!

…dragging my suitcase down the stairs I walk through the kitchen one last time making sure I didn’t foget anything.  I smile.  I didn’t forget a thing.  I packed my suitcase well. 

Now, I can choose what I eat because there IS something else!