Super Bowl Predictions!

{by Logan O’Bier}

Although she has many other hobbies and interests [such as quilting and photography] Logan is one of my best football-fan-friends, [ever since we were little I’ve been impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport] and, as I am highly unqualified to write this post, she kindly consented to help me out! She is a fantastic and informed fan, so feel free to ask questions, enjoy her predictions and maybe make some of your own!

Well, It’s football season again (finally!) and the big question is “Who’s going to the Super Bowl?”  Even though we’re just coming up on week three, it’s fun to predict so here goes…    

Division Champions

AFC                                               NFC
North-Baltimore Ravens            North-Chicago Bears
South-Houston Texans              South-New Orleans Saints
East-New England Patriots       East-Dallas Cowboys
West-Denver Broncos                West-Arizona Cardinals    

AFC Champions- New England Patriots        NFC Champions- Dallas Cowboys
                                         The outcome?  Patriots all the way.

Reasons: The “Pats” are ready.  Tom Brady is playing some of his best football ever.  In week two, he executed perfect fakes, lightning fast quick passes and fantastic deep passes.  Cowboys…*sigh*…despite their rough start Tony Romo is starting to give the impression that he wants to win.  That will power combined with more practice as well as consistency could easily lead to the super bowl.

“Upset” Super Bowl        

AFC Champions- Baltimore Ravens               NFC Champions- Chicago Bears    

Why would this be an “upset” super bowl?  Mainly because Ravens as well as the Bears would have to beat teams better than they to make it.  Of course the Baltimore Ravens would win…or would they?

Other Strong Contenders
Green Bay Packers
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
New York Jets

Who do you think is going to the super bowl?