Unbeing Dead Isnt Being Alive: InsideOut Health & Sports

{by Hailey Sadler & InsideOut Team}

Something inspiring would be a very nice way to start this blog. Something to convince you that healthy living is a vital commitment, which you ought to make in your life. But then, I realized, you probably already know this. I mean, I know it, and a Chick-Fil-A sandwich with two packages of sauce oozing down the sides still gets my mouth watering faster than a spinach smoothie [although Rebecca Florio, our Health & Sports writer will probably be able to convince us otherwise!]. The problem isn’t knowing. It’s doing. So I’m not going to try to persuade you of something you already know about, and know you should do. Instead, this blog’s purpose is to offer encouragement and insight into actually doing it. Actually living healthily. Living vibrantly alive.
Accordingly, to jump right in… what are 7 things you can do this fall to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle? As school and schedules pick up and life gets a little bit crazy, it can be more difficult to make good choices but here are some ideas to get us started…

  1. Challenge yourself to make a healthy dessert. With so many bakers in our house, it’s pretty much sweet tooth central around here. It can be challenging to find healthy substitutes that don’t trigger the “what did you put in here?!” response, but try digging around in cook books or browsing for recipes online and see what you find. Or tinker with a favorite and experiment with how you can make it a little bit better for you. Of course, if you find something fabulous, be sure to share it with all of us here!
  2. Try a new sport. See what’s available around you and sign up for something you’ve never done before. Running, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf…. stretch yourself.
  3. Sign up for a race. Nothing motivates you to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement like the knowledge that in a month or two you will be doing this amidst a host of other athletes in front of crowds other people. Even if you’ve never run before, pick a distance, grab some shoes and go for it. I promise you running is one of the most rewarding things you will ever try.
  4.  Get creative with salad making: think of those lettuce leaves as a blank green slate. Skip the ranch and try a fall themed salad with craisins and walnuts, topped with roasted butternut squash. And don’t forget the warm vinaigrette.
  5. Set aside time to do something active. Purposefully schedule a time  in the afternoon to close your computer, take a break from schoolwork or whatever it is that consumes you, and enjoy an activity. Ride your bike, go for a walk, play a sport, do push ups [if you can… don’t ask me about that.] Or maybe run around with your siblings instead of just playing referee. For you study-aholics [not me of course] a break for physical exertion of some sort will actually increase your productivity!
  6.  Get new music. If you’re cross training, strength training, running, walking, or working out in some other fashion, a new playlist can sometimes be the best thing to get you going. Pick somebody or some band that gets you’re blood pumping, spend the money, then plug in and turn up the tunes.
  7. Take the focus off you. This is not about us, or our image… because God has called us to seek after something different – His image. That turns our whole view of health, fitness, and outward appearance upside down and inside out. These things are not an end in themselves; they are a launching pad for the greater things He will do through you and in your life. 
So let’s enjoy this amazing gift of life that He has given each of us; let’s take advantage of every adventure that comes our way. Let’s eat healthy [and still make time for ice cream.] Let’s run and not care how fast we are. Let’s play hard and not worry if we don’t win. [Hmm… scratch that. Let’s do our best to win, but still try to smile when we don’t! Ok, so I might be a little bit competitive…] Let’s cook creatively and not be afraid to throw away those whole grain and spelt muffin failures. Let’s go outside and spin around until we fall down for no reason except that we feel like it.

He came that we may have life, and have it abundantly [John 10:10]. Let’s live like we believe that. Let’s live life with vibrance.